Christmas Eve Service 2023

Christmas Eve Service 2023
“God’s Son”
John 1:1-14
Rev. Benjamin Wines

Lighting the Christ Candle
Leader: Tonight is the night!
People: It’s finally here!
Leader: Tonight is the night of our dear Savior’s birth.
People: It’s been a long time coming.
Leader: The prophets sang and spoke of his coming.
People: They cast a vision of God’s glorious kingdom.
Leader: They saw a day when the sick would be healed.
People: A day when those who had been bent down would rise.
Leader: Jesus Christ, the light of the world has come.
People: He has illuminated the world once again.
Leader: May all God’s people rejoice!
People: May all God’s creation cry out!
Leader: May this light shine in our hearts forever.
People: May we carry this light to our neighbors.

May God bless each and every one
of you with a joyous and very
Merry Christmas!!!