God’s Promise

Third Sunday of Advent
“God’s Promise”
Luke 1:46-55
Rev. Benjamin Wines

We look forward to seeing you in Worship this Sunday, the Third Sunday of Advent! Today we light the Candle of Joy. We will be reading from Luke 1:46-55. Pastor Ben’s message is titled, “God’s Promise”.

Lighting the Candle of Peace
Leader: During this season of Advent,
People: We await the coming of our Savior.
Leader: We feel the abundant joy of the season,
People: Our cups run over!
Leader: For though we have wandered in darkness,
People: We know a great light is coming.
Leader: We remember God’s promises,
People: That through Christ we are saved.
Leader: We know that God walks among us,
People: And that makes our joy complete.
Leader: May the joy of Christ’s birth abide in us,
People: May we share that joy with all we meet.

Questions for Further Reflection:
Mary recognizes the wonderful things God has promised to her people.
What makes those promises so joyful?
What makes her faith so compelling?