Souper Bowl and the Super Bowl

Brothers and sisters,

As I write this article, we are just a few days away from Super Bowl LVII between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles. I’m excited for the game! You’ve got a superstar quarterback in Patrick Mahomes going up against a team in Philadelphia that has few (if any) true weaknesses. Some pundits are excited over the possibility of a tight game. Others are serving up hot takes saying that the game’s going to be a blowout. Regardless, Sunday night will be fun!

Since the Super Bowl is this Sunday, I wanted to remind you all one last time that our church’s Souper Bowl of Caring will be wrapping up at morning worship. You can still bring needed food items on Sunday, February 12th (needed items are listed on the Souper Bowl of Caring announcement in this Illuminator). As part of this effort, we are going to ask the children on Sunday morning to help bring some of the food up to the altar as a tangible sign that we engage in these kinds of projects as part of our commitment to God and God’s kingdom. So, the children will walk down the aisles of the sanctuary on Sunday morning with a wagon. If you’d like to participate by placing some food in the wagon, be sure to sit near the aisle on your pew. You can either bring a food item to place in the wagon or we’ll be happy to bring you one before the service. I think this will end up being a wonderful way for our children to see the church at work and understand that everything we do is ultimately for God.

I will also tell you to stay tuned over the coming months as we begin to transition from winter to spring to summer. The staff and several committees are already working on opportunities for missions, for fellowship, and for special worship services. From the church yard sale, to special Lenten services, to the return of a little friendly competition between college fanbases, there’s a lot that will be happening at Hope Valley over the coming months!

Also, based on absolutely nothing but what I hope happens, I think Kansas City wins, 28-24, with Mahomes leading a touchdown drive in the last two minutes.

Grace and peace,
Pastor Ben