Deacon Ordination

Brothers and sisters,

As you all know, earlier this month we had our yearly Deacon elections. Three new deacons were chosen: Cameron Packer, Leigh Bigger, and Lucy Woodell. These three responded to the call God had placed on them and have agreed to serve as leaders here in our church. I’m grateful!

For both Cameron and Leigh, this will be their first time serving as Deacons, meaning that we will need to have a Deacon Ordination service soon! To me, this is always an exciting service. It is a wonderful time for us as a church family to come alongside some of our brothers and sisters, affirm the call God has given them, and encourage them as they begin their service. Ordination services are also wonderful opportunities for all of us to remember the ways that God calls each of us to serve, both within the church and within our communities. God has given all of us such incredible gifts and ordination services in particular do a wonderful job of celebrating those.

So, as part of the ordination process, I’m encouraging everyone to write letters, cards, or notes to Cameron and Leigh. You can write down what gifts you see in them. You can write down words of encouragement for the work that lies ahead of them. Maybe you want to write down fond memories you have of them or with them. Maybe you want to write something to them that will make them laugh. Whatever you feel you’d like to say to Cameron and Leigh, I would encourage you to write it down so we can present it to them when they are ordained on Sunday, October 23 during morning worship. These cards and notes will serve as constant reminders to them of the love their church family has for them.

I’m looking forward to this service. I’m looking forward to welcoming Cameron and Leigh onto the diaconate. I’m looking forward to the ways we will come around them and affirm their calls to leadership. Please be sure to pray for them as they start this new ministry. And please be sure to bring a personal note or card for them on or before Sunday, October 23rd!

Grace and peace,
Pastor Ben