Field Education Placements

Last week, Duke Divinity School announced Field Education placements for the 2021-2022 academic year – I will be returning to FBC Henderson where I served over the summer. With that being said, I am happy to share that I am continuing my time at HVBC, albeit with some limitations and changes.

First, since I cannot be in two places at once and field education is the priority, you will not see me on Sundays. I will need to be at FBC for worship and all Sunday programming. I encourage students to volunteer and fill some of the roles I would normally fill in worship!
Second and related to the first point, Youth Bible Study times and days will be changing. The exact day of week and time will be announced soon.

This year will feel strange, at least in different ways from the previous year and a half. Yet, I am excited to spend the final year of my graduate program with everyone at HVBC. I anticipate that each of us will grow in knowledge, wisdom, and nearness to God as we commune with one another when we are able!

If at any point you have questions/concerns about what I’ve written here or Youth group happenings, don’t hesitate to give me a call or send a text/email.

Thank you for supporting my endeavors and the youth program!

-Sean Timmons

Youth Team Update

As the summer has arrived and a new academic year will be starting in a couple short months, we are looking for new members to join the Hope Valley Baptist Youth Team! The aim is for the team to be a diverse group with two focuses: 1) love God 2) love students. As such, members should have active spiritual lives and be willing to connect with students. They are a phenomenally fun and wise group, and it is a treat to get to know them!

Serving on the Youth Team is a great way to plug into the church! If you are interested, know some-one who may be interested, or know someone who would be good at serving students in this way, reach out and let Sean know!