Necessary Work

Dear Friends,

As has been discussed in several settings, we are beginning the process of revising our church constitution and will also be adding bylaws. This will be a fairly major revision and one that will take some time, perhaps as much as a year. This process grows out of our recognition that some normal updating needs to take place and that our church’s organizational structure needs to be made more clear and effective as we move into the future God has in store for us.

I have organized a committee of people with an interest in doing the necessary hard work in this lengthy process. In our first meeting, we affirmed and emphasized that the committee is committed to making sure this will be a transparent and open process. Our desire is to ensure that we hear the ideas and opinions of all church members and that we encourage and facilitate conversations on topics that may spark differences of opinion. As the revision work gets going, we will provide times for feedback and conversation that will allow everyone who is interested to share thoughts and preferences.

I also invite you to speak with me or with members of the committee if you have ideas or suggestions that you would like to have considered during this revision. The members of the committee are: Ramsy Boland, Toby Bowen, Marie Bush, Mike Dossett, Dave Dugan, Amy Herring, and Nicole Rogers. I was impressed by the spirit and commitment evident in our first meeting. Each member of this committee recognizes that this is an important and much-needed task as we seek to affirm and continue the good things we are doing at HVBC while adding some clarification and updates that will allow for visioning and growth.

As this work begins, I ask that you join me in prayer for this committee and for the work that needs to be done. It is certainly not the most fun thing that we do as a church, but it is important work that will allow us to be more clear and open in our organization, structure, and decision-making process. I believe that God has exciting plans for Hope Valley Baptist Church and trust that this effort will help us affirm the good elements of our church while allowing us to grow and improve in other areas.