Lemonade on the Lawn

Every Sunday, June – August

Lemonade on the Lawn is a great way for all ages to serve and to get to know others. You can be part of this fun fellowship time by helping provide cookies each week or by spending a little bit of time after worship pouring and greeting.

If you, your Sunday School class, or ministry team would like to help one Sunday following the morning worship service, please contact Amy Herring or the church office.

Saintly Senior Sojourners

The Saintly Senior Sojourners will be hosting a day trip to the Billy Graham Library in Charlotte, N.C. on Wednesday August 8, 2018. We will be leaving the church at 8:00 am sharp and returning by 6:00 pm. The estimated individual
cost to charter a bus is $40.00 per person. This trip is open to all church family as well as your own family and friends. The library tour begins at 9:30 am and is free. An onsite restaurant is available for lunch, as well as a store for your shopping pleasure, as the only other out-of-pocket expenses.

If you would like to be part of this fellowship trip, please let Robin in the Church Office or Jim Baggett at know by noon on Friday July 6, 2018. We need to know early how many are going so that we can charter the right size bus (up to 57 passengers). Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a bus full of sojourners! Thanks, and all God’s blessings to you.

Operation InAsMuch

Thanks for a great Operation Inasmuch 2018! What a blessing!
The Missions Team has given us a report on items collected and assembled:

Urban Ministry:

37 bean soup bags
40 lbs. of rice
17 bars of soap
40 deodorants
11 shaving cream
32 travel size shampoos
31 travel size conditioners
28 fruit cups
28 jars of peanut butter
5 boxes of cereal
24 applesauce cups
5 boxes of cereal
34 travel size lotions
32 travel size body wash
33 tubes of toothpaste
100 washcloths
11 packages of underwear

Jordan High School:

296 plastic spoons
96 plastic forks
7 noodle cups
4 cans of tuna
10 boxes of oatmeal
2 jars of Nutella
133 fruit cups
19 cans of ravioli
10 cans of spaghetti
28 cans of vegetable soup

Families Moving Forward:

3 Watering Cans
13 Bottles of bubbles
6 rolls of paper towels

We also packed 57 bags for the homeless.

Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a generous donation to Jordan’s pantry. We cannot thank you enough. We are so fortunate to be supported by our community. As I unpacked the bags, I kept remarking to myself that Jordan students with food insecurity are well taken care of by our school and by partners such as Hope Valley Baptist Church.

Much appreciation,
Marcie Pachino
ESL Teacher
Jordan High School

Well, you all have blown us away with your generosity! Food weighed 192.6 pounds, and every single item were those that have made our shelves look ready for clients on Monday! Hygiene items weighed 72.5 pounds–and you brought just the right things! The detergent in particular is an outstanding help, as is deodorant with the warm weather coming finally!  Underwear………….so happy for this! Soup mix………..a bonus and extra meal for hungry families!

With gratitude,
Gin Jackson
Director of Community Engagement
Urban Ministries

Homecoming 2018

On Sunday, May 20, 2018, Hope Valley Baptist Church will be celebrating Homecoming.  Our Guest Speaker will be Dr. Tom Jackson.  We will have a covered dish meal following the service.  If you know former or inactive members of HVBC, please let them know about Homecoming. If you know their name and address or email, let Robin in the office know. We will send a special invitation to them!

We will be worshiping with our friends from Valle de Esperanza. Bring a covered dish for lunch. Please also invite friends and neighbors to join us for this special day.