Happy Easter

Well this has been a different Holy Week! Usually this week feels like that one long ago in Jerusalem. The city and temple were bustling with the crowds and people were everywhere. And that is what we have come to expect. Church attendance is up and extra services are planned. But this year, we are spending it in isolation. New clothes and our Easter attire stay in the closet. This year we will not be taking pictures at the front of the sanctuary. While it will be different; will its meaning be any different? We can remember these events of Holy Week without needing a crowd. Quiet reflection might be enhanced by our solitude. Easter Sunrise will happen whether we watch it by ourselves or with a crowd. It might be that its significance is felt more deeply if we are not distracted by the crowd. Rather than recoiling from the solitude, I am going to lean into the silence and experience the joy of Easter. May this be a deeply meaningful season for you.

Bill Pyle