Regathering Team Update

Hey everyone,
I wanted to take this space to inform you of a decision made by the Regathering Team and Church Council. The Regathering Team met Tuesday, January 25th to discuss whether or not to reopen the church for in-person services. After looking at the same metrics we’ve been using since we resumed in-person services last year, the Regathering Team recommended to the Church Council that services remain virtual through the month of February. The Church Council accepted our recommendation.

There is a caveat to this decision. The Regathering Team will meet again in two weeks and look at Covid numbers, particularly case positivity rates. If there is a consistent, down-ward trend in Covid numbers and case positivity rates drop down to where they were back in December 2021, we will consider reopening for in-person services before the end of February.

This was not an easy decision. All of us agreed that we want to get back to seeing each other in person. But we also all agreed that it is not safe to do so right now. Omicron has run rampant and so we want to do what we can to protect ourselves and our neighbors. We are all praying for our church, our city, and our state as the pandemic drags on.

Grace and peace,
Pastor Ben