Student Prayer Partners

For several years, the Student Prayer Partner program at Hope Valley has been an important part of the church’s ministry to young people and families through strengthening the intergenerational relationships that are so necessary for church community and the passing-on of faith. If you are willing to make a commitment to pray for and to provide tangible expressions of love and support for a child, youth, or young adult in our church during the upcoming school year, please sign-up via this Sign-Up Genius Linkor by contacting Amy Herring at the church office.

Once you have selected a student (or students), you will receive an email containing information related to your student including his/her birthdate, address (and email address if applicable), and phone number. You are encouraged to contact your student at least once a month—especially on holidays and his/her birthday. Contact can be as simple as a phone call, email, or letter or card dropped in the mail. You are also encouraged to occasionally mail or drop-off special surprises as appropriate (stickers, balloons/simple crafts for younger students; care packages for college students, etc.).