English Language Ministries

Interested? Help Wanted:
The Missions Team has heard about a new ministry possibility in our area and we would like to hear if YOU are interested. We may partner with another church, Durham World Relief or the NC Welcome House Network to help in al-ready-existing English classes.

HVBC Volunteers can assist or teach in ESL Classes, participate in “Conversational English” groups for ESL students, or serve as a reading tutor for new English speakers. There may be other opportunities in language Ministries, depending on your interests and identified program needs. More details will be available de-pending on how many folks sign up by August 31.

Please pray about this potential new ministry opportunity. If you are curious and possibly available to assist in language ministries, please respond by calling the church office to let Robin or Ben know; or contact one of the missions team members: Julie Stoops, Barbara Sanders, Barbara Rowley, Amy Herring, Leigh Bigger.