Ordinary Time

On this second Sunday after Pentecost we find ourselves in what is sometimes called “Ordinary Time”—one of two time periods in the Church calendar that fall outside of the major Church seasons (Advent, Epiphany, Lent, and Eastertide) that commemorate important events in Jesus’ life (birth, death, resurrection).   As such, Ordinary Time encourages us to focus not on those “special” events, but on other more “ordinary” topics—whether that be the daily interactions Jesus had with people during his time on earth, or even other biblical texts—in this case, a new sermon series from the Old Testament on David.

What I find most appealing about Ordinary Time is that it’s so relatable.  After all, most of the days of our lives are generally ordinary ones filled with the ordinary love and hope and fear common to daily life.  Yet, as the color of the season—green—reminds us, it is often during these ordinary times of life that we grow.  My prayer is that this Ordinary Season may be an opportunity for us not only to learn what it means to live daily in faith, but also to encounter sacredness in the everyday.

Here are some resources to help your child in worshipping today:

The Children’s Message for June 6th, 2021: “The Real King”—is included in today’s worship service posted on the HVBC YouTube Channel.