A Holy Week

For the ancient Israelites, Passover was THE Holy Week. It was instituted in Egypt on the night of the tenth plague. That original event was commemorated each year as they remembered and reenacted the ritual. For them, the Exodus from Egypt was the defining moment that galvanized their identity as the people of God. It was a sacred time. In their reenactment, the fine line between then and now was blurred. They were being redeemed from slavery. They were being rescued. It was not just their ancestors who were delivered. The Passover was a time to remember God’s love for them.

Next week, we will have a Holy Week. We will remember the events of Palm Sunday. We will remember the Upper Room. We will remember Good Friday. We will celebrate the Risen Lord. We will remember that God loves us. The fine line between then and now will be blurred. This is sacred time.

Bill Pyle