Children’s Ministry: Lenten Season Learnings

Lenten Season Learnings: At the beginning of Lent each Hope Valley family with children received a Living Lent Calendar and Devotional Book, as well as a Lenten Activity Egg Kit (consisting of plastic eggs to open each week that contain objects related to the day’s scripture reading). These activities provided an overview of the Lenten practices of prayer, fasting, and giving, and followed the lectionary readings with specific prayer-related activities for each week. Additional “porch visits” were also made to drop-off a craft for St. Patrick’s Day and materials related to the “Legend of the Pretzel,” and I will soon be visiting the children again to distribute an Easter Sunday craft and gardening materials for our Easter Season (the 90 days between Easter Sunday and Pentecost) activity—“Growing
with God.”

Family Easter Egg Hunts: As in 2020, Easter Eggs have been assembled for Hope Valley children, but this year each family will have the opportunity to participate in a socially-distanced (their children only) outside Easter Egg Hunt held at home! Links to sign-up have been emailed to each family— parents, be sure to sign-up for your family’s date and time, ASAP. Contact Amy or the church office for more details!

Amy Herring