Listen to Jesus

Children’s Message – February 14, 2021, Rev. Amy Herring

In my thoughts posted in last week’s email related to the February 7th Children’s Message and Resources, I spoke about the importance of “making a quiet space” literally and figuratively to just be with God. When I wrote those words, I did not know exactly what God might lead me to focus on in this week’s message on Jesus’ Transfiguration found in Mark 9:2-9. Looking back at children’s messages I wrote in previous years on the event, I realized that I often spoke to the children about all of the different emotions/feelings present within the passage—exhaustion, surprise, fear, confusion, etc. Reflecting upon the current state of affairs in relation to the pandemic and political climate, I believed such a message still fit, but this year the words that continued to call to me were these three: “Listen to Jesus!” Punctuated by an exclamation point, it seems this phrase is not a mere suggestion, but rather, an imperative. God knows our exhaustion, our confusion, our fear and sadness, our every emotion, God is aware of the brokenness of our world, and God’s answer to it all—the essential instruction of vital importance—remains. “Listen to Jesus!”