Black History Month

Black History Month is a wonderful time to highlight the meaningful contributions that Black musicians have made to the music of the church. Some of the tunes we love to hear originated in Africa while others have their roots in America. The tradition of singing to express joy, praise, peace, or despair is shared among people of all ethnic and racial backgrounds. It is a tradition that we as Christians can build upon as we endeavor to live together in love as God would have us do.

Precious Lord, Take My Hand, Were You There, I Want Jesus to Walk with Me, He Rose, Let Us Break Bread Together, My Lord, What a Morning, Go Tell it on the Mountain, and Every Time I Feel the Spirit are just a very few of the hymns and songs of our faith we love to sing that were written by Black composers.

During February, listen for the gospel hymns and spirituals we will play and sing during our services of worship. They will lift us up, pull at our heart strings, and remind us that we are all one in the Spirit of God.