Sunday, December 20

Scripture Passage: Luke 1:26-38 “‘I am the Lord’s servant,’ Mary answered. ‘May your word to me be fulfilled.’ Then the angel left her.” (Luke 1:38)

Mary was an unmarried, young, teenage girl; a virgin pledged to be married to a man named Joseph. She was visited by the angel Gabriel who told her she had been chosen to be the mother of Jesus Christ. Mary was very troubled by Gabriel’s announcement. Gabriel told Mary she was very favored and that the Lord was with her. Mary submitted to God’s will. She believed what Gabriel told her and agreed to be Jesus’ earthly mother even while believing it to be humanly impossible. Mary’s story about being with child by the Holy Spirit risked the possibility that she would be considered mentally troubled and could have destined her for a life of rejection and hardship. But even with all the risks, Mary said “May it be to me as you have said.” Mary only knew that God was asking her to serve Him, and she willingly agreed to obey the Lord.

Mary’s willingness and readiness to serve the Lord should inspire and challenge us today. Life can be very difficult and troublesome, but life can also be very joyful. My experience as an obstetrical nurse for many years gave me the opportunity to witness many of God’s miracles and blessings such as seeing an expectant mother with such great anticipation about what her child will be like. Will she be a good mother and give her child as many opportunities as possible in life? There is usually concern about whether a pregnancy will progress normally and if the child will be healthy. I cannot imagine how a young girl in her early teens must have felt when the angel Gabriel visited her and told her that God had chosen her to be the mother of Jesus, God’s son. She was probably frightened and unsure of what this would mean in her life, but she still agreed to serve the Lord. If only we could be more like Mary today!

Prayer: Our Heavenly Father, be with us during this Advent season. Help us to answer Your call and follow Your direction in our lives without hesitation as Mary did so many years ago. Grant us grace and peace in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Kaye Baggett – 2017