With a Grateful Heart …

During this month, my attention turns to thinking about all the ways I have been blessed. Family, friends, meaningful work, a measure of health; I am grateful for the ways that my life is enriched by these blessings. God has been good to me, and I am grateful. Being grateful is an important spiritual discipline that affects the way that I look at and experience life. I am better able to enjoy prosperity and success, and I am better able to tolerate disappointment. Challenges and obstacles are not insurmountable when my spirit is grateful. As we approach this holiday season, I want to be grateful for all that is right in our lives and in our world. And it may be that this change in orientation is good preparation as we begin the season of Advent on the 29th. With a grateful heart, may we experience God’s presence in our lives. May God’s richest blessings surround you this season!

Bill Pyle