“The Greatest Commandment”

Today, we will be exploring together what Jesus said was “The Greatest Commandment.” You can find it in your Bible in:

Matthew 22:34-46

Read the story together – choose a Bible translation or children’s story version which best suits your family.


Questions for adults to ask children:

What did Jesus say was the most important command of God? (Hint: Remember there are 2 parts!)

The story says we are to love God with three parts of ourselves. What are the three parts?

Questions to discuss together:

What do you think it means to love God … with all of your heart?

… with all of your soul?

… with all of your mind?

The two commandments Jesus spoke of are sometimes called the Golden Rule. Why do you think they have been given this name? Why do you think these two commandments are so important to remember? Jesus says that loving God and loving others is our “number one rule.” But love isn’t just a rule – it’s a verb too! Love is something we do. What is one way your family can show love to God and others this week?

The Together @ Home activities for this lesson can be downloaded below.