Moving Forward


Life has turned out to be rather unpredictable these past six months; our assumptions about how the spring and summer would unfold have fallen through. And even though we were not prepared for the chaos and uncertainty that this worldwide pandemic has produced, we have survived! We are still standing upright and moving forward, we have learned to adapt to changing conditions and circumstances beyond our control.

And even though we cannot predict when the infection rates and death rates will begin to decline, we hold out hope that we will get though this crisis. We can begin to plan for the processes that we will implement in the reopening of our church campus. The Church Council appointed a “reopening work group” to begin this process of developing guidelines to be implemented when it is safe for us to meet again for in-person services or events at the church. Even though we do not know when the plan will be implemented, we want to be prepared with clear procedures and guidelines for safe reopening. We will keep the Church Council and Deacons updated on the process and will publish the guidelines churchwide prior to the reopening of the campus for in-person events.

Bill Pyle