Thank You

Almost every week, we receive a thank you note from one of our ministry partners. Often, it is a Divinity School, like Campbell, that you will find in this week’s Illuminator. Sometimes, it is an agency, like the North Carolina Children’s Home or the North Carolina Baptist on Mission. Sometimes it is a denominational partner, like the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship or Baptist World Alliance. I always read the thank you notes as a reminder of our continued ministry that remains a critical part of our identity and mission. We cooperate with a wide range of ministry partners. And while our gifts may be just a small part of their over-all budget, their thank you notes remind us that they could not do their ministry without the sustained support of thousands of churches like Hope Valley.

While our local congregational ministries continue during this extraordinary time, our world-wide impact continues as well. Missions and Ministry continue! Thank you for your continued support of our ministry and missions.

Bill Pyle