New Routines …

During these past four months, we have been adjusting to a new normal. Social distancing and careful attention to safety precautions are becoming second nature. I automatically put on my seat belt when I get into the car and I put on my mask when I get out of the car. When I stop to get gas, I automatically reach for the disposable gloves. In some ways, I am beginning to settle into new routines. What once seemed foreign, is now becoming the new normal. I hope that you are finding new routines and patterns that provide structure to your days and weeks. It could be that you will find new patterns that you will want to keep as you move into the future, I know that I have.

And while our campus is closed, we are still discovering and experimenting with ways to continue to be church to one another. Since I do not have a crystal ball, I cannot predict when this pandemic will ease. At this point in time, we are continuing to monitor the trends within our county and state. Based on current information, the Church Council has made the decision to continue the HVBC campus closure through the month of August.

Bill Pyle