Summer Bucket Lists

Two weeks ago, Hope Valley families with children received two special gifts—Pentecost Kits and Summer Bucket List Pails. Pentecost Kits for each child were filled with sensory objects, displayed in the Pentecost Sunday Children’s Message, related to the story of the coming of the Holy Spirit to the first believers as depicted in Acts 2: wind-spinners to remind us of how the Spirit sounded and moved like wind, red streamers to wave in that air, red flicker candles to remind us of the tongues of flames, and of course all the necessary pieces for a party (including cupcakes with candles) to celebrate The Church’s birthday.
The other package delivered to each family was a Summer Bucket List—eleven cards with suggested summer activities for each family—and a sand pail with most of the materials needed to do the activities. The bucket list was created by the Wise Guys Collective Peer Learning Group—a group of CBF children’s ministers from across the country and made available to me through the CBF Children’s Ministry Network—of which I am thankful to belong!

As the opening “card” for the bucket list states: We welcome summer with joyful anticipation of family fun and togetherness! We wanted you to have some ideas and resources to connect with God, your family, the church, and community whether you’re vacationing, road tripping, or spending summer evenings outside. Your summer pail also includes a GOD IS HERE sign! Even if you’re missing church, God is with you and that’s wonderful for children to know. Use one of the ideas from the bucket or create your own worship experience and snap a picture with your sign. We encourage you to post these throughout summer on social media so everyone can see where God is meeting our families. Make sure to tag the church or check in!

We look forward to seeing your family grow closer to God and each other this summer!
Amy Herring