It is a new day ..


It is a new day and we are having to adjust and change as our circumstances change. We are monitoring the situation as our world changes and we want to make responsible decisions about how we will do ministry as a faith community. The Church Council has decided that all activities and events at HVBC facilities are cancelled until May 1. When our situation changes, we will resume programming. We will have to adjust and shift how we function as a faith community while our campus is closed. What does it look like to be church when temporarily we cannot worship together in one place? We will continue to innovate as we respond to this new situation. One of the new realities is that changes will occur at a pace that is unprecedented, because our circumstances are constantly changing. What we can do one week, may not be possible the next week. We will continue to improvise as the situation changes.

Team meetings will continue to occur. Church Council, Personnel, Deacons, Finance will meet through zoom (a video meeting platform) or through conference calls or emails. These avenues allow critical decision-making processes to continue while maintaining safety precautions. We will keep the church membership informed through timely communications. The important ministries of the church will continue.

The Deacons, Staff, and Sunday School Teachers will continue to stay connected with the congregation through emails, phone calls, and social media. And we will depend on you to communicate needs to us both through the church office and directly. Keep in touch with one another as we continue to be church to each other.

You have received an email from Amy introducing the video Sunday School lessons by Tony Cartledge. That information is also here. This is an excellent resource to use during this time when our Sunday School classes are not meeting. You will also see a link to an article by Eddie Hammett on how we can be church during this time when we cannot congregate in the sanctuary. You might find it thought provoking.

As we muddle our way through this crisis, we will learn how to be church to one another. Perhaps our faith will be deepened. Perhaps we will rearrange our priorities. Perhaps we will emerge from this crisis as a stronger church with a deeper commitment to one another. This chapter is still unwritten—the pen is in our hands.

Pastor Bill Pyle