Pastor Bill’s Scrapbook

As a token of our love for Pastor Bill, and as a way to support him while he recovers from surgery and begins other treatments, we are putting together a scrapbook full of little pieces of love from Hope Valley Baptist Church. We are asking you to submit one or more entries for this scrapbook. Here are some ideas for what you might choose to submit:

  • A personal note or story
  • An anecdote of a funny or meaningful memory you have of Pastor Bill
  • A quote or poem that has helped you through a difficult time
  • A Bible verse or passage that you find comforting
  • Original artwork, like a drawing, sketch, or painting
  • Photographs that you have with or of Pastor Bill

We hope that your submissions will offer a bit of love, wisdom, beauty, or laughter for Pastor Bill during this time. Think of this scrapbook, not as a giant “Get Well” card from the congregation, but as a hug from HVBC to Pastor Bill. All ages are highly encouraged to participate in this project.

The scrapbook will be a standard 12 inches x 12 inches, so submissions larger than this will not be able to be included; and, ideally, multiple submissions will be on each page. Submissions are en-couraged to be small, roughly the size of a postcard. If you have more than one thing to share, such as a poem and an anecdote, we encourage you to divide them into separate submissions. Please in-clude your name on the front of your submissions if you would like, so that Pastor Bill will know who sent the submissions. Submissions should be one-sided so that the back can be glued onto the scrapbook page.

Completed submissions may be placed in the designated collection box in the church office or emailed to Robin Wimberley. We encourage you to neatly handwrite or draw, rather than type submissions, if possible. Help us to keep this a surprise for Pastor Bill!
Submissions must be in the collection box or emailed to Robin Wimberley by April 5, 2019.