Five Years, Already!

Dear friends,

As of the end of January, Robin Wimberley has been our Administrative Assistant for 5 years. I am exceptionally thankful for Robin and all the gifts and talents she brings to our office and the ministry of our church. Robin always seems to have a smile and greets people who enter the office with warmth and kindness. She has a knack for making people feel comfortable and cared for – whether they are members or guests just dropping by with a question or need.

I appreciate so much her attention to detail and her organizational skills. She manages the master calendar and keeps track of all the church activities as well as the different groups who rent the gym. We are fortunate that we can make use money from renting the gym to help pay for expenses around the church property (including unexpected needs like last year when we had to replace an HVAC system for part of the educational building). Robin’s organizational ability and attention to detail makes this possible.

Robin also works diligently and faithfully to prepare the Illuminator and the weekly worship bulletin and helps us keep track of events and announcements that need to be made.

Robin is the kind of person who will jump in to help with whatever needs to be done – whether it is even remotely related to her job description. She notices things that need to be done and takes care of things without being asked. She is a willing and caring helper to so many of us in innumerable ways.

She adds humor and fun to the office environment as well and has become a good friend to many of us. I think we have all recognized how blessed we are to have Robin working with us. I encourage you to find a way in upcoming days to let her know how much you appreciate her kind spirit and good work for the past 5 years.