Random Thoughts from a Scattered Mind

Dear friends,
I am writing as I, like all of you, are watching the weather reports and wondering what the impact of Hurricane Florence will be. With so much going on around us, it seems an appropriate time for another edition of Random Thoughts from a Scattered Mind.

– We can all sense the anxiety that so many people are feeling as we await the arrival of this huge storm. We can see it clearly in the grocery stores and gas  station lines. I trust that you are all preparing yourselves to be as safe as possible, but even as we focus on protecting ourselves and our own property, let us also pay attention to the needs of our neighbors and fellow church members. We obviously cannot control the weather, but I am praying for God to protect the people along the coast and in the path of the hurricane.  Likewise, I am praying that God will open our eyes to the ministry opportunities that may arise in the days ahead. Let us be ready to reach out to check on people who live alone, who have health needs, and who might experience damage or other problems. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you see or learn about needs or ministry opportunities so we can try to respond if possible.

– As the storm passes and we assess possible damage, we will do our best to communicate with you about plans for worship and other activities on Sunday; however, if the area is lacking power, that might be difficult. If power is out for the area, I doubt that we will try to have worship, but whatever the situation, I would encourage you all to remain safely at home if you have any concerns
about getting on the roads.

– It was such a privilege to worship again with our Hispanic brothers and sisters on Sunday. It is a powerful experience to hear both languages in the service and to hear the Lord’s Prayer spoken simultaneously in English and Spanish. It was also a blessing to share in the Lord’s Supper together. I can’t help but celebrate any opportunity to demonstrate the diversity of the
Body of Christ in worship. Let us continue to pray for Pastor Julio DeLeon and the good folks of Valle de Esperanza.

– We owe much gratitude to the many people who made the picnic a real treat on Sunday. I won’t try to list names for fear of forgetting someone, but to all of you who cooked, set up, cleaned up, and tended to various details, we should all say, “Thanks!” I enjoyed the good food and the warm fellowship. It is always fun to spend time around the tables with delicious food and our church friends.