Church Family Meeting Discussion Item

Dear friends,

On Sunday, we will hold our quarterly Church Family Meeting after worship. In addition to the presentation from the Nominating Team, we will begin discussing an issue related to the gas station property that is on the corner next to us.  That property has been sold, and the new owners will be building a new gas station.

A representative of the new owners reached out to us in mid-June to let us know that they were planning to build a new gas station and wanted to discuss with us the possible layout they had in mind for the property.  Several members of our Property Team first met with their representative and learned of the two options (“Plan A” and “Plan B”) they are considering for the gas pumps and convenience store.  Both will place the convenience store much closer to our property than has been the case in the past.

After getting through the 4th of July and VBS, the Church Council was informed at the end of July of this information and the implications for our church.  On August 8, the Deacons were made aware of the unfolding conversation and proposal.  During the conversations with these two leadership groups, we have attempted to raise and get answers for the questions that might be asked by other members of the congregation.  During the Family Meeting, we will share what has been presented to us and the options that the gas station has offered.  We will then listen to hear what questions and concerns you might have.

In order to construct the building and pumps in the layout they prefer, “Plan A,” the new owners have asked to purchase a small section (just over 1600 square feet) at the edge of our property.  Through some negotiations after the Church Council and Deacons’ meetings, the current offer for this property has been raised some.  The “Plan A” proposal would place the store near the curve in the driveway leading from Garrett Road and would include a slight reshaping of that driveway which would be payed for by the new owners.

If we ultimately choose not to accept the gas station’s offer to purchase a small section of our land, the convenience store will be built in their less preferred location—”Plan B.” Under “Plan B,” the store will be built several feet to the right of Plan A (as we view the property from our sanctuary) so that it would sit directly between our sanctuary and the corner of Garrett Road and Hope Valley Road.  “Plan B” does not require the station to purchase any land from the church.

I understand that my wording above may not be particularly clear. We will have pictures of the two options available for you to examine and discuss during the family meeting. We have made no commitments at this point and do not yet have a formal written offer, but we want to share the information, hear your thoughts and questions, and consider how we move forward as a congregation.