Children Worship! Sent into the World

As a people of God gathered together for worship, we respond to God’s love, ask for God’s guidance, and look to God for strength and help as we pray. We hear God’s Word through the Scripture, through readings, and through the sermon. We respond to God’s Word, and we are sent into the world to love and serve God and our neighbors.

Sometimes when we reach the sending part of worship, our minds are mentally saying, “Church is over,” and we become so busy getting ready to leave that we fail to truly experience the final aspect of worship: God sending us into the world.

Read Matthew 28:18-20. Jesus’ words are not just for his disciples in the Bible; they are for us today. The community of believers (the church) strengthens our witness to the world. As individuals, we certainly need to live a life that reflects all that God calls us to be. But when linked with other believers, our gifts extend to touch more than we could imagine. Think about the gifts and talents God gives us — including our time, abilities, human relationships, perspectives, and faith. These gifts are ours to use wisely. We do not simply leave a worship service. We are sent into the world to witness to God’s love and to use these gifts in ways that reflect our belief in God’s care as we serve others.

Some important dates related to our Children Worship! Study:

  • May 13: Mother’s Day. NO Children Worship! class scheduled.*
  • May 20: Children Worship! class resumes.

*Children may complete a Worship Bag “assignment” to turn in to Mrs. Amy for a special “treat”!

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