There are many things happening around the church …

Dear friends,

As we approach the beginning of another school year and new church year, there are many things happening around the church and many details that need attention and prayer.

You will notice the announcement from the Nominating Team and have been hearing their appeal for volunteers in recent weeks. For the church to be at its best, all of us need to be willing to offer our gifts and talents to the work of the church. Please consider prayerfully where you might feel led or called to get involved in areas of ministry and service for the coming year.

You also see that we have entered the season for deacon nominations. As you consider people you would like to nominate to serve as deacons, I encourage you to pray for God’s guidance. Also, remember that in recent years, our deacons have been striving to devote less attention to “running the church” and more to being servants within the congregation. In the past couple of years, our deacons have divided up into 4 Ministry Teams, each with a particular focus: 1) hospital and bereavement ministry, 2) shut-in ministry, 3) prospect, discipleship, and assimilation minis-try, and 4) community connections and ministry. With the recognition that our deacons are focusing more on ministry to the family of faith and the community, I urge you to consider several questions as you think about whom you would like to nominate: Whom would I like to have visit me if I am sick or dealing with grief? In whom do I see a genuine heart for service and ministry to others? Who among our members demonstrates a Christlike spirit and a compassion for people?

Finally, as our students begin a new school year, I look forward to participating in the Blessing of the Students on Sunday, August 13. I am grateful to be part of a multi-generational church and value the opportunities we have to build relationships with children, youth, and adults of all ages. As part of our Blessing of the Students service, we will have a prayer for our students and educators. At the end of the service, adults will again have the opportunity to take the name of one of our students and commit to being a prayer buddy for that student during the upcoming school year. This is a wonderful way to get to know our younger members and let them know that they have a church family who is committed to loving them, praying for them, and walking with them in the way of Jesus. Please consider whether you are willing to make the commitment to being a prayer buddy for a student in the up-coming year.