Library Volunteers Needed

The library committee is in the process of setting up a new cataloging system, and volunteers are needed to help scan in the current library books.  If you have questions or if you are willing to participate in this ministry opportunity, please contact Cathy Younts, Kathy Willis, or the church office.

100 Days of Prayer – Summer 2018

With the example of Jesus in mind, I want to invite you to join me in making a commitment to praying together for our church this summer. God has blessed Hope Valley in numerous ways through the years and continues to be at work in our midst, but it is vital that we seek God and God’s leadership for our church moving forward.

These daily devotions will provide you a Scripture passage to read and some thoughts to guide your reflections and praying each day for the next 100 days. I hope you will join me in making the summer of 2018 a season of prayer and listening for God’s voice. It is my hope that by praying together, we will be drawn deeper into unity and faithfulness.



Download a PDF copy here.